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Step 4: Support.

When the plans are completed. We remain available for any questions throughout the building process.

KJ Design LLC

Step 2: Preliminary Design.

This is the stage where the concept drawings begin. We will provide you with preliminary drawings showing conceptual floor plans and the conceptual front elevation of your home.

The Process

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 Custom Design and Planning Services

Step 3: Construction drawings.

After the concept plans have been approved. We will begin the construction drawings. These plans include all exterior elevations, detailed floor plans, building sections and additional details as required.

Step 1: Home design assessment.

During this phase we will ask you a series of questions to help define your needs and the style of house you are looking for. We will look at your site information to help determine shape and location on the property.

Other services available

Conceptual sketches

Artistic renderings

(3D Sketchup) (2D pen and ink)

Site planning

Master planning

As built drawings